SMO Distribution
specialises in the distribution
of septic systems since 1992.

Our different products

SDR 28 pipe 6"

System O Kit 1 bed room

Culver TTOG 12"

Lid riser 14"

PEHD drain pipe whit membrane

Plastic culver 18"

Septic tank Xactic 3.4M cube

SMO Distribution

in the distribution
of septic systems
since 1992

SMO Distribution is a subsidiary of Services Mécaniques Outaouais, founded in 1972 by Yvon Lacroix, a plumbing, heating and retail contractor.

SMO Distribution has its head office at 1959 St-Louis Street in Gatineau and also has a distribution center with huge warehouses at 1455 Montée Paiement in Cantley.

SMO Distribution specializes in the distribution of the following products :
• septic systems
• pits, pipes and peripherals
• wastewater treatment technologies
• culverts, drains and geotextiles
• storm manhole and sump

SMO Distribution is a leader in the distribution of wastewater treatment technologies and equipment in Quebec. Our team keeps abreast of news and regulatory changes in the field to always be able to answer your questions.