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Plastic tank

Plastic tank and holding tank, light, super tough, easy to work with. Different size possible from 600 gallons to 2000 gallons. Also pumping station and clear water reservoir.

Conventionnal tank
ModelCapacityNumber of room
14.2350PF600 gallons - 2,8m32
14.2800PF750 gallons - 3,4m33
14.3400PF900 gallons - 3,9m34
14.3600PF950 gallons - 4,3m35
14.4700PF1290 gallons - 4,8m36

Holding tank
14.57001250 gallons - 5,6m3
14.90002000 gallons - 6,8m3

Pumping station
14.0475Empty pumping station, 105 gallons
14.1475Empty pumping station, 125 gallons
14.2475Empty pumping station, 250 gallons
14.4475Empty pumping station, 415 gallons

Other products
14.202420"x24" riser for Xactics tank
(can be cut at each 4")
14.08128"x12" riser for Xactics tank
(can be cut at each 6")
14.0820Complete replacement cover
14.00088" replacement cover
14.0100Entry deflector
EF6EF6 prefilter

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