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Boisclair et fils

Concrete septic tanks

Residential septik tank of 625 gallons up to 1500 gallons, pumping station.

Conventional tank
ModelCapacityNumber of room
FC650P625 gallons - 2,8m32
FC750P750 gallons - 3,4m33
FC850P850 gallons - 3,9m34
FC950P950 gallons - 4,3m35
FC1050P1050 gallons - 4,8m36
FC1250P1250 gallons - 5,6m36
FC1500P1500 gallons - 6,8m36

Holding tank
FRC950P950 gallons - 4,3m3
FRC1050P1050 gallons - 4,8m3
FRC1250P1250 gallons - 5,6m3
FRC1500P1500 gallons - 6,8m3

671056" concrete riser
671078" concrete riser
6711112" concrete riser
6711718" concrete riser
6712324" concrete riser
R6B6" plastics riser
R12B12" plastics riser

Other products
PA-15puits absorbant
PA-20puits absorbant
CFBConcrete tank cover
PP610P75 gallons pumping station
54000P125 gallons pumping station
56106-PDistribution box 6 holes
56108-PDistribution box 8 holes
988103Flow equalizer
91500Rotoflow equalizer

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